Two Types of Special Booklets for sale


“New Zealand 101”


A pocket sized booklet named “ニュージーランド暮らしを本気で考える人のための本 New Zealand 101″ for the Japanese who are traveling to NZ. A manual guide for people wanting to live in NZ or wanting to travel to New Zealand. It includes all the essential needs for a NZ citizen. This includes how to connect for the power, applying visa and more.

Price NZ$10(incl GST)Language:Japanese
Shipping within New Zealand
outside New Zealand
NZ$3 (incl GST)
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Sister Cities New Zealand and Japan

SAKURA_front cover

A tourism-based guidebook of Japan for New Zealanders travelling to Japan including the information on “SAKURA 桜 Sister Cities New Zealand and Japan” Details between New Zealand and Japans sister cities will be featured, with some information on Japanese culture.

Price NZ$2(incl GST)Language:English
Shipping within New Zealand
outside New Zealand
NZ$2 (incl GST)
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