GekkanNZ No.252 (May2017)


■Feature1:It is distinctively flavoured New Zealand Cheese
■Feature2:High Tea For Mother’s Day
■Feature3:Quick Microwave Recipes





FEATURE1:It is distinctively flavoured New Zealand Cheese

Total 7 pages
Text: Mio Ikeda




FEATURE2:High Tea For Mother’s Day

Total 4 pages
Text: Yuto Tobikawa




FEATURE3:Quick Microwave Recipes

Total 2 pages
Text: Mio Ikeda





■What’s Hot
■Area Information
■Photo Essay
■Photo Essay – 『Nature Visions Aotearoa』Roy Sinclair
■Essay – 『Good Kiwi Tucker!』Rika Matsuzaki
■NZ News
■Movies – The Circle
■Readers’ Voice
■Events – LUX Light Festival
■Japanese Gourmet
■Music – Lake South
■Editor’s Notes

Publisher: Harumasa Murayama, Editorial Assistant: Yuto Tobikawa/Mio Ikeda, Designer: Miyuki Kato/Takatomo Fukuyama, Advertising Sales: Toyoko Takahashi, Social Media Marketing: Shinichiro Ito, Web Administrator/Blogger: Shinsuke Arita, Account Clerk: Toyoko Takahashi


■Accommodation :Kiwi-Racco B&B (P.25) / Minna House (P.25)|■Accountant :Kendall & Wakeman (P.28) / MGI Auckland (P.34) / Staples Rodway New Zealand (P.34) / WH Accounting& Advisory (P.35)|■Agent :New Zealand Ryugaku Joho Centre (P.4)|■Builder:Japan Homes (P.12)|■Courier :JAPAN SPEED PACK (P.20) / Nippon Express (New Zealand) (P.20)|■Electronics:Fuji Xerox New Zealand Office Supplies (P.44)|■Finance:KVB Gloval Market (P.38)|■Food:Japan Mart (P.2) / Tokyo Liquor (P.25) |■Health & Beauty:Blue Blue (P.10) / oasis Hair Dressing(P.10) / LAN Hair design (P.10) / Mika Styles and SATOMI art of nails (P.11) / Sashar Hair (P.11)|■Immigration: Japan Interpreting Service (P.52) / My Viza NZ (P.28) |■Insurance:Financial Health (P.28)|■IT:Scross Computer Services (P.8)|■Lawyer:CL Law(P.28)/ Hemaru Law (P.35) / Kenton Chambers (P.28) / Legal Associates (P.52)|■Living ware:Bidet World (P.25) / Resene (P.25) |■Motors:2Cheapcars(P.20)/ JP AUTO Spares Ltd (P.8) / Maiax Corporation (P.20) / Southern Motors (P.8) / Southern Rental Cars (P.8)|■Property:Hiroko Okuyama Jenny Harcourts Auckland Central City (P.12) / Yoshiko Isshiki Harcourts Shelter Realty(P.12) / Yuhei Umezaki – The Property People (P.12) |■Café and Restaurant: Tanpopo Ramen Tanpopo Howick Tanpopo Glenfild (P.9) / Yoshizawa (P.8) |■School:ACG -Academic Colleges Group (P.6) / Auckland Instutute of Studies (P.4) / Auckland Japanese Supplementary School (P.6) / Dominion English Schools (P.6) / DynaSpeak (P.4) / Jukuten (P.43) / Le Cordon Blue (P.4)|■Travel:East Rain Travel (P.4) / JTB New Zealand (P.45)|■Others:Wesley Market (P.42) / Natural Honey (P.13)

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